Death Row RecordsThe new owners of Death Row Records are finally ready to start releasing some of its catalog, including music from its vaults.

Wideawake Death Row Entertainment announced this week that it’d release a Special Collectors Edition of music, video, interview and promotional material entitled The Chronic Re Lit & From The Vault, saying the project is in honor and celebration of Dr. Dre.

The Chronic revolutionized west coast hip-hop music. The new package includes the 16 original tracks from the album digitally re-mastered, plus a DVD portion called The Vault. It is packed with Chronic videos, promotional pieces, and a special never-before-released 30-minute in-studio interview with Dr. Dre discussing the future of hip-hop.

Additionally, the DVD includes seven unreleased and rare songs from Snoop Doggy Dogg, soulstress Jewell, CPO, and Kurupt.

It will be available in retail stores September 1, and a special bundle of songs will also be released digitally through iTunes and other digital retailers, while an exclusive release is planned for Wal-Mart stores, including clean versions.

The Chronic Re-Lit & From The Vault is a celebration of the ground breaking iconic legendary producer Dr. Dre, one of West Coast Rap’s foremost artists Snoop Doggy Dogg and the sound, lyrics, social commentary and life stories of the original ‘Boyz From the Hood’,” said Lara Lavi, CEO of WIDEawake Death Row. “Our mission is to honor Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and all the Death Row artists who deserve better treatment, by showing our respect and desire to start new dialog and breathing life back into Death Row Records.”

The new Death Row are planning several special promotions for it’s fans with the upcoming album release. However, they did not elaborate.

They have put together a contest for fans though. A lucky fan can win a trip for two to Los Angeles, and be given access to download seven additional, never-before-released songs from the Vault, with The 7th song being a mystery. For more info, or to enter, visit