2009-07-31 - T.O.A rapper in Lakeland, Florida was arrested and setenced to two years in prison after local law enforcement found a song on MySpace that threatened two cops.

According to TheLedger.com, 20-year-old rapper T.O. (real name: Antavio Johnson) was charged with two counts of corruption by threat of a public servant, when a gang detective found a song titled “Kill Me A Cop,” on MySpace page earlier this year.

In the song, Johnson mentioned two Lakeland police officers by name and threatens murder, and refers to a sheriff’s deputy and police dog killed in the line of duty.

He was already being held on a probation violation for a 2007 cocaine possession charge.

During an investigation, Johnson admitted to writing and recording the song, due to his frustrations with harassement by police.

According to Daniel Barajas, the rapper’s friend and owner of Hood Certified Entertainment whose MySpace page published the song, it was not meant to be released. He also said he was unaware that the song named two police officers.

“It was my mistake. I didn’t listen to it thoroughly. I liked the beat,” Barajas told The Ledger.

At press time, the song had been removed from the company’s MySpace page.