Ludacris Admits To Ghostwriting For Dr. Dre

LudacrisThe mythical Detox album from Dr. Dre has been the talk of the internet for years, with several reference tracks leaking over the internet over the past year.

The latest came on a track called “O.G.’s Theme” with Ludacris earlier this month, and quickly spread amongst hip-hop sites and blogs.

Luda recently confirmed that the track was intended for Dre’s long-awaited Detox project, via an interview with

“It was for Dre. I wrote it for Dre,” Luda admitted. “Ain’t no n**** better than Doc Dre, I’m a 20-year veteran.”

While it was originally meant for the album, the ATL rapper isn’t sure of the track’s fate now that it’s been leaked. However, he said a few more were created as well.

“It was supposed to be for Detox, but I don’t know since it got leaked. I don’t know if it’s gonna get used,” said Luda.

“I wrote a couple records and that was one of them.”

Detox is expected to drop later this year, following the release of 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct. At press time, both albums did not have concrete release dates.

  1. everybody knows Dre cant write.

    But besides the fact.. How hard is it to write lyrics man….

    Sad ass ish.

  2. This explains why we’ve been waiting 10 years for Dre to finally put out The Detox joint… he lyrically can’t create any material. I guess he should stick to beats then cause I’m really not interrested in him looking like a puppet performing some other niggas punch lines. Leave song writting to the R&B artists… IF YOU CAN’T RAP DON’T PRETEND!

  3. seriously why bother? everyone knows that 90% of these rappers dont write there on own lines.

    ” dont worry if i write rhymes,… i write checks” – diddy

    his album regardless of who wrote what will be another classic

  4. Stop talking like this album will come out. We’ve been hearing about Detox for years and nothing happened. It doesn’t take this long to drop an album. And please don’t anyone start talking about perfection and he’s a perfectionist.

  5. Later dis year yea I doubt maybe 2019 dre fuck it just put out yo artist an drop dem fire beatz

  6. Dre is a producer.. not a writer.. it doesn’t surprise me that Ludacris would ghost write for anyone though… he’s a talented dude

  7. Man, everyone knows that Chronic 2001 was ghostwritten by half of the rap game, so why are people acting surprised?

    Dre spit tight verses in that album, but he didn’t write those verses…examples: Jigga wrote “The Watcher”, Royce da 5’9″ wrote “Forgot About Dre”…why is everybody acting like this is new???

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