Lil Wayne Explains Rebirth Album Delays

Lil WayneTalk about Lil Wayne’s rock album, Rebirth, began in January. Release dates have come and gone, leaving fans wondering what’s the hold on?

There’s an answer too. He’s busy trying to get his label off the ground.

The rapper caught up with MTV News’ Sway Calloway earlier this week during a stop on his America’s Most Wanted Tour to explain the constant delays with the highly anticipated follow-up to his platinum-plus Tha Carter III.

“Honestly, I’m just starting up this Young Money label and I’m trying to get my artists down right. Get everybody together,” Weezy said. “Once I got that together, then I could work back on me. I’m a very humble person. I know once I get to it, I’mma get to it. So like I was saying, it’s Young Money time, so making sure my artists get their just due.”

That’s exactly what he’s doing with his current tour, which features Young Money artists such as the newly signed Drake, Nicki Minaj, and L.A. based Tyga. It also includes sets from Young Jeezy and Soulja Boy as well.

Rebirth, however, will come in due time. Despite the rock influence on the first single “Prom Queen,” the album is Weezy “without any boundaries.”

“The Rebirth album is just me expressing myself without any boundaries. Without any margins, without any guidelines,” Wayne tells MTV. “[I’m] trying to do something different. I told my record company, ‘Don’t tell me nothing about what I say. Don’t tell me nothing about what you hear. Just get behind me.’ That’s what Rebirth is.”

Wayne is on tour until September.

  1. Y rock an u claim 2 be the best rapper alive I don’t understand

  2. Honestly, I think a rock-flavored album may be the best thing Weezy does, cuz it fits his off-beat style.

  3. gifted multi talented! wayne fans stand behind him no matter rock or rap.

  4. I’m sure delays will be warranted when the album releases. I’ve never been a huge wayne fan but after his last album and then the brave jump to rock, I found a grand respect for the man. I’m BUYING the album enough said.

  5. How about he got lucky with the last album. Fabolous killed him on Can’t Tell Me Nothing and all that lame stuff he’s been doing won’t fool the masses this time aroynd. And as for the label Drake and maybe the stripper, Nicky Ma-No Real Talent, might sell some records, the rest: Garbage.

  6. @GEORGE: Co-sign fully. Fab killed Wayne on his own shit, and people will soon catch on to his blabbering rhymes. Wayne can be talented, but his latest shit is kinda wack. Drake will sell, ad long as he doesn’t make too many foolish mistakes.

  7. Big Werm, finally, i thought I was the only one that noticed.And finally someone that knows where the cap lock and isn’t illiterate. Good looking.

  8. instead of best rapper alive he going to be the best rocker alive ….. i still love u

  9. Actuali i dunno y pple hatin on weezy? he doz wat dey cnt do – mix taps, best raper, talented, funy, ya nam kit he he gt it al so stop hatin nd deal wid it!!!! weezy iz best wen he doznt gt high too mch! aint nobody can convince me dat weezy suckz! so F***ck al ya suckerz hatin 4no reason!

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