2009-04-22 - Tony DungyBy now you’ve probably heard, Michael Vick was given a conditional reinstatement to play in the NFL once again.

After initial reports last week, it finally came to fruition by the hands of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who will watch over Vick until Week 6 of the NFL season and consider a full reinstatement.

Until then, if a team signs him, Vick can participate in training camps, practices, meetings, workouts, and the final two preseason games … all team activities except for the games.

Any team that signs the former Falcons quarterback will have that issue to deal with, but along with it will come the assistance from former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy, who has agreed to help and mentor Vick get on the right path.

On his personal blog (Dungy’s Diary), Dungy said he believes Vick deserves another shot, and revealed that he’s been in constant contact with him.

“I believe in second chances for people who admit their mistakes and are committed to changing.” Dungy wrote. “I think Michael deserves the chance to show people he has changed and learned from past mistakes, but my true hope is that he will make sound decisions about his future and, at the same time, let people know more about the person that I’ve come to know recently.

“I know the public will be skeptical, but I think, over time, people will find there’s a different side to him than what they’ve seen so far. And that’s really my goal, to help him let people see the other side of Michael Vick,” he continued.

Dungy will join the team Vick signs with, but his says he’ll be there solely to offer Vick advice, direction and support during the evaluation process over the next several months.