Twitter Update: 40 Glocc’s Homie Gets A Surprise, Souljah Boy Celebrates His B-Day & More

By Tim Boswell  |  07/29/2009

It's that time again. Every Wednesday, we post some of our favorite Twitter updates that celebs have posted from following week, whether its words of wisdom, random ridiculousness, something funny, or just plain weird.

This week, 40 Glocc's homie found a surprise in his can if Pepsi, Soulja Boy celebrated his birthday, Jeremih loves him from Friday's, Kelis is enjoying motherhood, and Travis Barker passes the time on the road with his kids.

Here's your weekly Twitter updates:

Twitter - 40 Glocc40 Glocc @40GLOCC - My peoples just drunk a pepsi can! Tasted hair in it!!and we looked INSIDE AND THERE IS A RAT IN IT!!WHAT SHOULD WE DO NOW?

Soulja Boy Tell'em @souljaboytellem - My birthday went EXACTLY how I wanted... ahhhh :) NOW back to work. In Cancun but woke up with a hit in my head. I NEED MY STUDIO BUS!

Chamillionaire @Chamillionaire - Soon as I stopped taking redbulls I stopped getting tired....

DJ Drama @DJDRAMA - Just watched True Blood! Proly the best episode yet!

Twitter - JeremihJeremih @Jeremih - just maxed dis rib&shrimp combo from Friday's. sum bout that jack daniels sauce!! now I must recoop. back to da hotelium

K'naan @Iamknaan - I woke up with a crazy hangover from last night! Movie and a glass of milk in my hotel room... you don't want no part of this maaan!

Keri Hilson @MissKeriBaby - Catchin up & purchasing a bunch of new music on itunes while getting hair done. Started w/ Supernova by Mr Hudson ft Kanye

Twitter - Chris PaulChris Paul (NBA - New Orleans Hornets) @Oneandonlycp3 - THIS IS MY LIL HOMIE!!!

Wyclef Jean @wyclef - Don't say you are in love so quickly until you have been through the storm, for lust is mistaken for love @ times ,so do you Lust or Love

Shawne Merriman (NFL - San Diego Chargers) @shawnemerriman - Can somebody tell to spell my name right shhhheeeshhh!!

Trey Songz @SongzYuuup - Ppl often miss oppurtunities cuz it's dressed in overalls & labeled hard work. Catch me grinding like bad rotors...BONG!

Twitter - Vanessa SimmonsVanessa Simmons @V_Simmons - Got my day rolling ...just answered 25 emails, literally..waitin outside for @lajames7 to come outside..tell her huurry .!! LOL, :)

Rev Run @RevRunWisdom - If anxiety trys 2 raise its ugly head. BACK IT DOWN PPL! Like Ali did in his biggest fight! ROPE A DOPE! Da nock out is comin!!!

E-40 @TheRealE40 - 5:25 A.M PIMPING MY PEN


Twitter - KelisKelis @iamkelis - Old marshmellow with anyone. I can't say that after a week or two of no sleep I will be in desperate need of some relief but right now its ... Just too soon. Everything he does entertains me lol n I don't mind any of it. I think he smells like pie n I never wanna share pie! Lol

Coco @cocosworld - Girls,your gonna love the Coco Jeans called "Licious" There made for the curvy figure.So excited because everyday I get closer 2 completion

Nick Cannon @NickCannon - My wife has the most amazing fans! Lambs keep up the great support! Obsessed is headed to number #1! The album is a classic I promise!

B.o.B aka Bobby Ray @bobat - Just woke its to the barber shop....

Twitter - Travis BarkerTravis Barker @trvsbrkr - Counting cows on the way into Calgary with Alabama and Landon:)

Asher Roth @asherroth - Watching girls soccer, drinking a long island iced tea after reluctantly allowing airport security to exercise the patriot act

Paul Wall @paulwallbab - I can't tell you the secret to success, but the secret to failure is trying to please everybody else***