Shaq O’Neal Takes On The WWE’s Big Show At ‘Monday Night Raw’

2009-07-29 - Shaq and Big ShowShaquille O’Neal seems like he has to keep busy during the NBA off-season. We already know he’s been training MMA, but recently, he appeared on the WWE.

Is a wrestling career coming?

During the WWE’s Monday Night RAW this week, big Shaq Diesel appeared as a guest host, where he ref’ed five “beat the clock” matches featuring Triple H, MVP, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry and John Cena, with the winner facing Randy Orton at the Summer Slam event.

However, the NBA star got into it with the Big Show, after WWE star Chris Jerico got offended when Shaq didn’t include him and the Big Show in any of the “beat the clock” matches.

Shaq followed by challenging Big Show to a match, but refused saying, “After I crush you, I’d have to crush LeBron James and I don’t want David Stern and the NBA breathing down my back.”

Intead, the tag team Crime Time took on the Big Show and Jerico, but Shaq eventually stepped in.

Check out how it went down below:

  1. Shaq always was a cartoon action figure. Your young a$$ must not remember Shaq-Fu or… Kazamm.

  2. SWRidin = cosigned, Shaq has always done his own thing. I remember Shaq Fu…the honorary member of the Fu-Schnickens. “What’s up doc, can we rock!?” lol…

    WTF ever happened to the Fu-Schnickens, anyway? Chip Fu was dope as f*ck.

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