Katt WilliamsManhattan prosecutors said that gun charges against comedian Katt Williams have been dropped, said reports.

According to the Associated Press, prosecutors moved Thursday to have the case dismissed because they “can’t prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Williams was arrested in November 2008 when police pulled over a Mercedes bus and red Cadillac Escalade belonging to him for missing a license plate. When the approached the vehicles, three guns were in plain sight inside the vehicles.

When the 37-year-old comedian exited a nearby building, he told the cops that the vehicles were his, and the officers arrested him on the spot.

Williams was booked and spent most of that day behind bars. He did later post $25,000 bond just in time for a scheduled performance at Carnegie Hall.

He raced to the venue, and just made his show — an hour late, though.

Defense lawyer Charles Ross said prosecutors learned the guns were legally registered in other states to two men who were with Williams.

Ross said he was “pleased that the DA’s office did the right thing.”