2009-07-28 - Eminem and MJMichael Jackson fanatics and Eminem diehards better save up their pennies because several of Em’s costumes are up for auction soon, including an MJ outfit he wore in one of his past videos.

As a part of the Rock and Roll Pop Art Auction, the rapper’s costumes went on auction to the highest bidder beginning Monday (July 27).

Among some of the pricey digs is a blood splattered white suit jacket made by Lucelli that Em wore at the photo shoot for his 2004 album, Encore. Also hitting the auction block is one of his black Nike Air sweatsuits, starting at $1,000.

But, as previously mentioned, the most sought after may be the Michael Jackson costume Eminem wore in the controversial music video for his 2004 single, “Just Lose It.” The video and song caused quite a stir, and was eventually banned from BET after Michael Jackson’s complained , calling it “outrageous and disrespectful.”

“Eminem has lost his ghetto pass,” said Harvey at the time. “We want the pass back.”

The outfit includes a red sequined jacket, white glove and black hat, pants and shoes, and starts at $6,000.

Those interested can check out the auction at GottaHaveRockandRoll.com, and will run through August 5.