AlfamegaHe posted an “Open Letter to T.I.” last week, and days before that denied accusations of being a snitch, but Alfamega isn’t finished.

In a recent video interview, the Atlanta rapper — whose reputation was tainted by one report from The Smoking Gun (TSG) in May — further explained his situation, going as far as to say the alleged paperwork the TSG posted were fake.

“I ain’t never snitched on nobody,” Alfa promised, in the nearly 10-minute video. “A lot of people read, but they don’t understand. They hear, but they don’t listen … Dude never had a heroin case, he had a cocaine case. So I know whoever sent that document out, somebody typed it up from something and put something together, but I’m gonna give y’all the real deal of how it was.

“I didn’t know Ali (the man he allegedly gave information about to authorities), don’t know Ali to the day … Somebody put the pressure on me and it wasn’t the government or nobody like that. They wanted me to basically lie on this dude,” he continued.

According to the rapper, he lied to police about alleged drug dealer Ali Baaqar, despite not knowing him, to get a lesser sentence. However, it’s not snitching in his book.

“It was up to me to either play the hand I was dealt or fold. If I play the hand I was dealt, I’m looking at 30 to 40 [years in prison],” Alfamega explained. “If I fold, that means I’m still in the game. So I went ahead and folded. From the time I did it, I was remorseful about it. It hurt me because I ain’t snitched on dude, I lied on this dude … I was loyal to somebody that made me lie on somebody.”

When TSG posted documents that revealed his cooperation with police back in May, T.I. booted Alfamega from his Grand Hustle Records label.

Where his music career stands at present time is unknown.