Ooops … Tattoo Artist Misspells Crooked I’s New Tattoo

Oooppps. Don’t you hate it when you go to get a tattoo, and the artist doesn’t know how to spell? F***ed up right?

2009-07-27 - Crooked I

Well, rapper Crooked I recently went in to get some new ink on his arm dedicated to his group Slaughterhouse — consisting of himself, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce Da 5’9.

Only problem is: he wanted the word “Slaughter” on his arm, and it got it with a letter missing … oooops.

Sorry Crooked, doesn’t look like you can fix that.

  1. Haha. What an idiot.Maybe he didn’t get the H because he couldn’t spend anymore money for the month….What a frugal fag.

    Ps. Helio. Pffft. I bet he’s broke.

  2. You know Helio is a sponsor of his right? Who’s your sponsor John? Tampax?

  3. damn i couldve sworn they let you preview it before they tat you up…crooked my nigga but you takin tha L on this one. Make that 2 L’s for havin that cheap ass Helio phone shit too…

  4. @Jim McFlufferson:
    Ay i aint gonna lie I aint know that either. Not too many people do but then again aint too many niggas hangin by tha mouth from Crooked I ballsack like you obviously do so with tha being said now and with all do respect Mr. McFlufferson, tell us really whos your sponsor…KY???

  5. Some of you dudes are straight haters. Like, it ain’t even funny. I got a good laugh outta Crooked’s tattoo but damn, calm the fuck down. Dude was drunk when he got it. That explains a lot. Tattoo dude can’t spell for shit. A drunk Crooked lookin at it, probably thought it was spelled right when he stenciled it in.

  6. Im not going to clown this black man dog but you niggas need spell check in your fucking life dog

  7. Jazzy cant get you new west niggaz out of this one ha ha ha crooked should have took jazzy to the tattoo spot with him lol jazz cant save you new west fool all the time

  8. i see 2 crooked i dickriders in this bitch…fall the fuck back…your lyrical superhero took a big ass L

  9. meh..
    who cares, he’s still a good mc,

    there’re a lot of wack rappers out there with nice tats, so you gonna go buy their album?

    look at Game, that fag had a butterfly on his face… and that was no accident..

  10. All this buzz about a tattoo, yall must aint here he likes his H’s on the side. Dont be part of the anti-fresh movement ya dig!

  11. You type it up. This isn’t the tattoo artist’s fault, granted he should’ve caught it but it’s up to you not to fuck it up to begin with. Text messages may not be worth clicking spellcheck, but believe me something that’ll be there for the rest of your life definitely is..

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