MainoUnprotected sex in this day and age is like walking into a war zone without a bulletproof vest on. While many don’t seem to care about the risk and have to make that regular doctor visit, it’s always under wraps. You never know who has what.

Celebrities aren’t immune either. They don’t want to admit when they contract an STD, but those celebs aren’t as honest as rapper Maino, who’s had to get his fair share of shots and isn’t afraid to admit it.

In a recent interview with Sirius Shade 45’s Lip Service radio show with Angela Yee and Leah Rose (via, the Brooklyn rapper admitted to catching an STD at one point in his life.

“When I was a little kid, yea,” Maino responded when Angela Yee asked if he’d ever been burnt.

“Young man, 13, 14,” he explained. “I had gonorrhea definitely. Yea. I didn’t say sh** to her. I knew what it was. I went to the doctor, got my shot … Shot in the ass.”

According to the rapper, he was young and dumb, and was never disciplined by his parents, which he credits to his non-use of a condom.

“I didn’t get punished. That’s probably why I was getting burnt,” said Maino.

Maybe next time, he’ll know better.