2009-07-27 - Kim Kardashian and Reggie BushAfter two years and countless tabloid and gossip blog mentions, Kim Kardashian and her NFL boyfriend Reggie Bush are calling it quits.

Although just in May the couple talked about “heading” towards marriage, according to People, the lengthy periods of time they spent apart have made their relationship suffer. Bush’s upcoming NFL season won’t help either.

A source tells the mag, Kim and Reggie just don’t see each other enough.

“They never get to see each other, ever,” the source told the mag. “It’s been a long time coming. They still love each other and are part of their lives, but Reggie spends six months out of the year in New Orleans, so it’s tough.”

The couple had been dating since 2007 up until this point. Both are reportedly “very sad” they couldn’t make it work.

“They love each other a lot and hope someday they can make it work. But for now, he starts his football season this week and Kim starts filming season four of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians,’ and they just need this time apart,” the source claimed.

One source called the split “a break.”