2009-07-26 - Vernon ForrestFormer boxing champion Vernon Forrest was shot and killed during an apparent robbery on Saturday night (July 25) in Atlanta.

According to reports, Forrest was the victim of an attempted carjacking, and was shot “multiple times in the back”, said police, as she attempted to chase at least two men who had tried to steal his Jaguar when he stopped to put air in his tires at an Atlanta gas station.

“It’s 100 percent confirmed. He’s dead,” said Shaw, who served as Forrest’s promoter in the past.

Forrest may have provoked the carjackers, by brandishing his own weapon in confronting them, said police.

“The victim and suspect became involved in a brief foot chase,” Lt. Keith Meadows told local radio station WSB. “At some point, gunfire was exchanged between the two of them. The victim was shot at least once in the head.”

The boxer was fatally wounded by two semi-automatic weapons, according to police. At press time, authorities have a general description of two black males driving a red Monte Carlo.

Forrest’s girlfriend’s young son was in the car when he was shot. He was just 38 years old.

As a boxer Forrest was a former WBC super welterweight champion. He beat Sugar Shane Mosley two times in 2002. And in September 2008, Forrest reclaimed his WBC 154-pound title by beating Sergio Mora. It was his last fight.

He suffered a rib injury while training for an April fight against Jason LeHoullier. That fight was canceled, and Forrest had to vacate his title.

There were tentative plans for a title fight against Sergio Martinez, possibly in October, but was pushed back due to Forrest’s rib injury.

He has a 41-3 career boxing record with 29 knockouts. Forrest was also the third prominent boxer to die this month.

Canadian boxer Arturo Gatti was found dead in a hotel in Brazil recently, strangled to death by his wife. Also, Alexis Arguello was found dead on July 1 at his home in Managua, Nicaragua.