2009-07-26 - Dirty MoneyThere has been rumors over the past few weeks about former Danity Kane member being inducted into a group called Dirty Money.

It’s semi-true. It’s more like a collective, not a group. It’s a crew that Diddy has formed to collaborate for his upcoming project Last Train to Paris.

Diddy took to his PTwittyTV YouTube channel to announce and clear up the rumors surround the Dirty Money crew, denouncing any negative meaning behind it.

“Dirty Money is not about no drug money, or illegal money, or anything like that. Anything negative. Dirty Money is a look, a sound, a feel, a movement, a crew,” explained the Bad Boy Records mogul.

“For my new album, Last Train To Paris, I wanted to do something refreshing, something unique, something forward for myself, and myself as an artist. I play best on a team and I’m a team player.”

As team player, Diddy called on Dawn Richard and singer Kalenna to form a crew to help create his upcoming album. However, he insists both artists are still solo.

“They both got they solo things doing on, but we got together on this Last Train To Paris to do something special. The name of the crew is Dirty Money. Sean, Dawn, and Kalena,” said Diddy.

“Dirty Money is so raw, so real. That’s really the sound we giving off on this album. They two of the dopest vocalists and songwriters that I’ve ever worked with. Our sound together is forward, it’s refreshing, it’s new. It’s not like stuff a lot of stuff you hearing on the radio, it’s not trying to be like nobody. It’s very unique. It’s a sound you been wanting to hear.”

At press time, there was no release date for the forthcoming album.