The Weathermen, minus Camu TaoUnderground supergroup, The Weathermen, have finally released their first official single since 2003 as the second leak off the upcoming Def Jux Presents 4 from indie label Def Jux.

The group is a merging of artists — consisting of Cage, El-p, Aesop Rock, Breezely Brewin (Jugganots), Camu Tao (RIP), Tame One and Yak Ballz — who continue to push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in hip-hop in both the mainstream and in the genre itself.

Within their own careers, The Weathermen are all accomplished musicians and successful independent artists known for their fierce dedication to the craft and fearless innovation of style and sound, as a collective they are simply a monster.

Its been nearly 10 years since the group was formed, and now music is finally coming. Last year, member Aesop Rock revealed that the collective had been in the studio working on the long awaited project after the hiccup due to the death of member Camu Tao in 2008.

“Camu Tao is another member of The Weathermen, who died earlier this year, so it sort of shook us all up to like ‘Let’s do a record together already, it’s pretty silly that we haven’t,’ ” Aesop explained, during an interview with Boost Mobile last October. “It’s been a pretty weird year because of that. That’s kind of the driving force behind us finally getting it in gear to do this record together as a unit, and try to make it finally happen.”

Camu Tao died in May 2008 after a two-year battle with lung cancer. He was a touchstone in the lives of many of The Weathermen, a great friend, and an inexplicably talented MC/ producer, his passing has galvanized the crew.

With new resolve and purpose, The Weathermen have officially taken to the studio to finally justify its cult-like following.

Featured on DJXp4, “Reports of A Possible Kidnapping” is the first song from their long threatened collaborative album The New Left. The track features indie rap giants Aesop Rock, El-P, and Cage (with an intro by the late great Camu Tao) and is produced by Aesop Rock and El-P.

The Weathermen – “Reports of A Possible Kidnapping”

Def Jux Presents 4 is due in stores September 1. The Weathermen LP has yet to receive a release date.