2009-07-24 - Gloria Velez and Tila TequilaModel/rapper Gloria Velez recently aired out an unnamed ex-boyfriend via a blog penned over at GlobalGrind.com, and now she’s revealed the identity … the San Diego Chargers’ linebacker Shawne Merriman.

Velez stopped by Angela Yee’s Lip Service radio show (via TeamYee.tv) to discuss their relationship, why the broke up, and who came between then.

She says they were on and off for nearly four years before Merriman said he was ready to commit.

“Before it hit New Years of ’09, he was like ‘I wanna be serious, I’m ready for the relationship to be serious,’ and I was like ‘aight.’ I was traveling back and forth, and I was like ‘Nah, you’re not serious’ and he’s like ‘Yea, I wanna have a family,’ ” Glo explained.

However, despite the attempt at making their relationship official, Velez says the NFL player didn’t stay committed. She suspects that he and a certain female celebrity hooked up at Diddy’s recent All-White Party in Los Angeles.

“Long story short, we tried to make it happen for a minute, and we were waiting to see if I was pregnant. Then recently, he went to Puffy’s All-White Party, and we was doing his thing like he was single,” Glo sad.

“I believe he was f***ing for sure. Not at the party, but obviously, he f***ed somewhere. Obviously, she tweeted it,” she continued. “4’11” midget, MySpace hoe, non-talented bitch … yes [Tila Tequila]. She kept in-directing comments about me on Twitter. She knew about [me and Shawne] because she kept talking about me on the Twitter. She was like ‘Yea, I’m his boo and I’m his wifey, f*** video hoe this’ and mentioning videos I was on and going on and on. ”

Now, after getting it off her chest via the blog, Glo says the relationship is over and she has moved on.

“After I read the situation, I said ‘F*** you, I’m moving on.’ Thank God I’m not pregnant,” she concluded.