Yung Berg

Yung BergChicago rapper Yung Berg may be in hot water very soon, because a woman is claiming the young rapper assaulted her at his California home last week.

According to a report from, a young woman named Chelsea Berry claimed she attended a party at the rapper’s home in Woodland Hills, California on Wednesday (July 15) with a few of her friends.

During the party, she says her and Berg were “playing around” and threw her into the pool. When her friend decided to leave, she stayed behind to wait for her clothes to dry.

Shortly after, Berry says she became jealous when the tapper disappeared into a room with another woman, and tried to enter the room to see what was going on.

When she was prevented from entering the room, Berry says she screamed out several expletives directed at Berg, at which he became angry. He confronted her in the kitchen and proceeded to hit her.

“He struck [sic] me with the palm of his hand, like about three times. On my head, on my eye, and I was falling back like, ‘What did I do? What did I do?,'” she woman told the website. “And that’s when he told me to leave. Then [his friend] Sincere was like, ‘Calm down, I’ll give her a ride.’ ”

Then as she left, Berry says Berg jumped into the vehicle and said he was coming along, before telling the driver “We’re not taking her home,” and dropping her off somewhere in the hills.

The assault and aftermath left her with a black eye and stranded in the middle of no where.

Berry reportedly filed a police report last Thursday night (July 16). Further details were unclear at press time.