Twitter Update: Dwyane Wade, Coco, DJ AM, Keri Hilson, B-Real, Jim Jones & More

By Tim Boswell  |  07/22/2009

It's that time again. Every Wednesday, we post some of our favorite Twitter updates that celebs have posted from following week, whether its words of wisdom, random ridiculousness, something funny, or just plain weird.

This week, Dwyane Wade is slangin' his BandWades, Coco loves cleaning, DJ AM warns you about downloading the new Blackberry Messenger, Keri Hilson finally gets around to painting her house, and B-Real gets in the studio with Cheech & Chong.

Here's your weekly Twitter updates:

Twitter - D WadeDwyane Wade (Miami Heat) @DWadeOfficial - U can find the BandWades and customed them the way u want

Jim Jones @jimjonescapo - The beginingvof another week a chance to make all ya dreams come true and avoid all the obsticles life comes wit as we weaving through

Coco @CocosWorld - I'm cleaning for the cleaning lady.I have issues.I love cleaning myself but every once in awhile I need help w/the super deep cleaning.

Rev Run @RevRunWisdom - Dont give up ppl! Sometimes its that last push that tips it over! That last key on da ring that opens da lock!! Keep goin!!!

Twitter - DJ AMDJ AM @DJ_AM - Don't download BBM 5.0 looks so cool, but it don't work, guess thats why its a "beta" me and my nerdy impatient ass! I got what I deserve :(

Keri Hilson @MissKeriBaby - Home AT LAST!!!! Only 36 hrs after a cpl gotta make every min count. Soo much stuff on my To Do list. 1st, drop off gifts 2 fam! getting my place painted 2day. & my family's over helping me do odds & steps 2 finally gttn my place 2gether :) =happy

Ya Boy @YBTHEROCKSTAR - mohawks n heavymetal will get over a million downloads... im feeling like the 1978 bruce lee of this rap sh**!! what's poppin CALI????

Drew Gooden (San Antonio Spurs) @DrewGooden - I should twicpic my new muscles!!! Lol!!

Necro @Necro_is_God - Once people meet me, they know shits real if they ever had doubts about the kid I come off so brutal you need 2 look me in the eyes 2 know

Twitter - Melody ThorntonMelody Thornton (Pussy Cat Dolls) @pcdmelodyt - I love skype! I swear I do! I wuld marry skype if I could haha

Kirk Morrison (Oakland Raiders) @kirkmorrison52 - Question? Did Chris Brown shoot his apology video at a Rehab center. There's only so many places w/ blinds in the background like that. Lol

Ludacris @ludajuice - Daily Quote: Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.~Buddha

Twista @twistagmg - most important the fans the fans the fans, yall made this possible

Ben Baller (jeweler) @BENBALLER - Wtf is the point of havin a bberry pearl? Don't u still have to tap the keyboard 3x to text? I can't stand to see dudes using that phone smh

Twitter - B-RealB-Real @B_Real420 - Had cheech and chong up in the studio today doing drops for the new cypress album.. Needless to say people were stoned in here..

Dollicia Bryan @LUVDOLLICIA - I may look like a DOLL but don't PLAY with my HEART!

Skinhead Rob (Expensive Taste) @expensivetaste - If u kick it with snitches\busters, then dont be surprised when u get treated accordingly.

Glasses Malone @gmalone - I been wanting to surf for the last 2 years.... thought I been to big... so today a nigga finna start getting slender... yeaaa... fucc it

Raekwon @RAEKWONICEWATER - Heard tracklisting got leaked today its kinda crzy when i leave this happens, but for the record it 50/50 correct but all i guess when sh**

Ice-T @FINALLEVEL - Twitter is like CRACK! Like Pookie said in New Jack City... "It be callin me man, It be callin me." Is there a Twitter Rehab?