2009-07-22 - Soulja Boy and JoJoTwitter beef is the funniest, especially from two young kids trying to act tough.

The latest is came when Soulja Boy and Rev. Run’s son Jo Jo had a little Twitter exchange, after the “Run’s House” star said the rapper wasn’t “lyrically dope.”

On Tuesday (July 21), young Jo Jo told his followers that he didn’t think the teenage rap star could bring it lyrically, but did add that he was a “genius … musically.”

“Lyrically Soulja Boy aint to dope, but musically he’s a genuis this join right here kinda catchy http://tinyurl.com/kppxg3,” Jo Jo tweeted.

Angry, Soulja Boy responded, saying: “@YoungSimmons Lyrically I ain’t dope?.. ‘Kinda’ catchy? Watch your mouth bruh..”

As quickly as the rapper responded, he quickly deleted the response. Jo Jo didn’t see it, but heard it about it later. However, he refused to believe it.

“That Soulja Boy post gotta be fake. If i aint see it then i dont believe it and it ain’t there,” he tweeted later.

Unfortunately, tweets are never fully deleted. If you do a simple Twitter search, Soulja Boy’s 140 character update can be seen.

2009-07-22 - Soulja Boy tweet

Is a rap battle brewing? Ya’ll do know, JoJo raps too right?