Former Vibe Editor, Danyel Smith, Discusses Mag’s Closure

2009-07-21 - VibeIn June, the news leaked that Vibe magazine folding after over 15 years in business.

Since closing its doors, no one has really spoken too much about the aburpt end. However, in a recent interview with Angela Yee’s The Morning After radio show on Siruis/XM radio, former editor-in-chief Danyel Smith spoke briefly regarding the final days Vibe.

Smith says the magazine business has suffered for some time now, and she noticed that even three years back.

“The magazine business overall has been in such a state, frankly since I came back three years ago,” she said. “I always had it at the front of my mind. Was it a complete surprise to me that day? No, I don’t think it was for any of my fantastic staff.

“We had already gone down to four days a week … we were all making sacrifices because we really wanted the brand to live. We were all strategizing and working really hard and I’m just really really brokenhearted. There’ll be a bounce back, there’s no question about that,” Smith continued.

With the closing of Vibe, she asked the question of who would fill in where the magazine left off without being able to give an answer.

“It’s sad. I don’t know where those stories are gonna be told in the way they were told in Vibe. I don’t know where that is.”

She went on to talk about some of Vibe’s last photoshoots, including the Christina Milian/The-Dream and Lil Wayne/Kobe Bryant shoots.

Check out the entire interview in audio over at

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