AlfamegaIt’s been months since anybody has heard from former Grand Hustle artist Alfamega, after he was ousted as an informant by back in May. But, he’s finally surfaced and says he’s no snitch.

Despite documents being leaked by TSG, the rapper (real name: Cedric Zellars) denied informant accusations via an interview with, and maintained that the criminal past he raps about is real

“There wasn’t no informant situation. He talking to dude who did time with me. Your uncle was in jail with me,” Alfamega said, speaking to Gyant. “If I went to jail with your peoples, your peoples would know that.

“I don’t work for no motherf***in’ DEA. I’ve never worked for the DEA. I had a gun charge, that’s an ATF charge,” he continued.

Shortly after the damaging reports hit the net, Grand Hustle head T.I. officially booted Alfamega from the label claiming he was stunned by the news and couldn’t associate with individuals who were dishonest about their past.

In TSG’s leak, documents showed that Alfamega served as an informant for the DEA, as well as a government witness during the mid-90s.

Court records indicated that the rapper began working with law enforcement in 1995 after he was sentenced to just over nine years, thanks to a federal gun case (a prior felony robbery conviction, the rapper was busted for selling weapons to an undercover federal agent).

The report stated that Alfamega helped in the conviction of a known drug trafficker named Ali Baaqar, and got his sentence reduced by 18 months. After being released, he eventually went on to sign with T.I.’s Grand Hustle imprint.

According to the rapper, he’s never met or dealt with Ali, but is sorry for his name getting brought up in the media.

“I don’t know who put that out there. The dude Ali, we ain’t ever had no business together, ever. Me and that dude Ali never been in the streets together,” he said.