Swizz Beatz Creates Michael Jackson Painting/Art Piece

By Miles Bennett  |  07/15/2009

Swizz Beatz is getting more and more into art these days. Last year, he revealed some of his art collection to the New York Post, then recently he gave Eve a tattoo of a black window. Now, just Tuesday night (July 13), he created his own art piece ... of Michael Jackson.


The superproducer created a mixed-media portrait of a young Michael Jackson in memory of the late King of Pop, and posted it via Twitter.

He then titled his work "Remember the Time," thanks to a suggestion from one of his Twitter followers.

"R.I.P. MJ the great," said Swizzy. "I took some time out to do a dedication piece tonight instead of rocking in the studio."

He also posted a few Kyte videos of him in the process. Check it out below: