2009-07-15 - Cam'ron and MaseIn the mid-90s, Harlem natives Cam’ron and Mase began their music careers as a part of a group called Children Of The Corn, alongside the late Big L. Now, after more than a decade, the two rappers are beginning to collaborate again.

The pair recently dropped a brand new collabo titled “Get It” over the weekend, which debuted on New York radio personality Miss Info’s website. While the rest of the industry thought the two have had beef for some time now, Info says the childhood friends mended their relationship long ago.

But, the collabo did catch her by surprise.

Info spoke to MTV.com this week to talk about the new record and what it means to Mase’s second return to music.

” ‘This is part of a bigger project’ is what I was told,” Info said of Mase.

“What was so shocking is that no one’s really seen them together or anything like that,” she continued. “Nobody knew they squashed some of their old disputes. But behind the scenes, they had resolved their issues, and they’ve been friends for a little while now. Last year, they got together, they played ball, in Jersey or somewhere like that, from what I understand. The friendship has already been in the works, which is what I like about how this record came outta nowhere. It’s not a fabricated publicity stunt, which is what some people were thinking it was. They didn’t get together only for a record. They were already friends.”

At press time, it was unclear if the old friends will be working on a collaborative album together, but it’s likely more collabo tracks are to come.

Listen to the Cam and Mase track “Get It” below: