Gloria VelezGloria Velez is the original music video eye candy, but has gone to become a mainstay in mens’ magazines and is currently chasing a career in music.

Aside from her personal career, she’s also had some relationship with some high profile celebs. There was veteran R&B singer Aaron Hall (whom she had a son by), then Joe Budden.

Over the past four years, Velez has been off and on with an unnamed celeb whom she airs out in a recent blog entry, via In her first blog, she airs out their relationship, and plans to reveal his identity in her next one.

Below is an exceprt:

For those of you who have followed my career as a video/print model, you know of my past relationships … forget all of that sh*t ’cause I’ve got some new life stories to tell ya!!!! You know I always keep it 100 with you guys, I don’t sugar coat anything. So here is my first of many blogs for you to read.

For the past four years I’ve been dealing with this one particular guy, let’s just call him “Mr. SM”. In that time our relationship was on and off, and now it’s officially off!!! Let me tell you why from the beginning. We meet in Hawaii. I was hosting a party. He sent over bottles, then came over introduced himself and asked me for my number so he could take me out sometime. There was instant attraction. From that day on whenever possible we were together. Great phone convo and all of that. I knew it couldn’t be serious because of his age (I am five years older than him), and our distance (after all San Diego is far from Florida. “Wink”! ). So I told him to sow his oats, play the field, just get it out of his system (since he was a rookie at the time. “Wink”!). We agreed no one would have our hearts till we were ready to settle down, because we were in it for each other (or so I thought). Throughout the four years we tried to settle down with each other, but our paths weren’t meeting up (those were the off times)!

Then before wrapping it up, she details their falling out earlier this Valentine’s Day.

Now it’s February 14, 2009. To show him my love and appreciation I wanted to go all out my way for him (and those who know me know I do not!). So I went shopping for little things and bought two bags loads. Since we already had plans to see each other after Valentines Day. Now I’m waiting for my flowers, a card, a call, something, anything … nothing comes. As night falls I decided to hit him up and I said do you know what today is???? He says, “Yes, I didn’t send you anything ‘cause I know so many n*ggas have sent you flowers and I don’t want to be one of them suckers!” Aren’t you my man???? Isn’t that already different? Doesn’t that set you apart from them other guys?? UMMMMMMMM….? That’s two! So now we are off…

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