Papoose Gives Remy Ma Update, Says He Visits Her Regularly

Papoose and Remy MaRemy Ma may be alone, as she serves an eight year bid for assault charges, but she’s not entirely alone. She’s got Papoose.

Pap recently confirmed, via an interview with Connecticut radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, that he’s officially married to Remy Ma, and has been visiting her on the regular, in addition to giving an update.

“Remy, she’s maintaining and she’s getting through it,” Pap explained. “I visit her every other day at this point. When we be on the floor, a lot of kids come up to us and want autographs from both of us. In the beginning, I was there everyday, but I got a lot of things to maintain out here, so I’m there every other day.

“Yup [we’re married], he continued “… [the wedding] was the best it could possibly be. It’s something I’m proud of. We’re gonna stick by each other. I’mma hold it down definitely.”

One of the perks of being married is that the couple are allowed conjugal visits in a trailer — 48 hours worth, every six weeks.

“Yea, the trailer visit, definitely. It happened,” he said with a laugh. “The trailer visit was lovely. It was to both of our pleasure. The trailer visit was definitely an opportunity for her to get a piece of mind. She’s been gone a year now. I felt like she needed that. We both needed it.”

In addition to holding down Remy on the outside, he’s also playing daddy to her son. According to Pap, her son has been staying with him during the summer, and accompanies him during visits to Remy from “time to time.”

“Her son is good money, he’s maintaining,” the rapper told Jenny. “He goes to see her with me from time to time. We’re just teaching him the right things, keeping him strong, letting him know his mother is gonna be out here, reunited with him soon.”

On the music side of things, Papoose says his debut album is complete, but doesn’t have a release date and/or label where it’ll be released. Right now, he’s just waiting for the right situation to reveal itself.

  1. pap be real your time was about 3 years ago but u went with Dj Kay slate and lost ….you lost major

  2. thats right pap,hold her down ma nigga! she will love you 4 life…stand by that woman! only good will come ur way! on sum real shit,i wish yall all the best!

  3. fucking dweeb gtfoh holding that bird bitch down. Pap wears the skirt and bulldog face remy wears the dildo belt…lmfaoo bone’n in a trailer, for the next 8yrs

  4. That’s Right pap hold it down for remy she a cool girl who speak her mind and dont take no shit. She need somebody in her life and her son also you a good guy and it’s hard to find somebody who going to ride that bid with you.

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