2009-07-10 - The Game and Jay-ZFor those familiar with The Game’s career, you know he’s had his fair share of enemies. But recently, he seemed to have put the beefs behind him when he told MTV that he would apologize to 50 Cent.

However, beefing is something Game loves to do. So, when Jay-Z decided to mention him in bar during a concert in Las Vegas, the Compton rapper jumped back on the defense, despite saying on Twitter — shortly after the Vegas show — that he’d let “his old ass slide.”

The Game’s is currently in Europe on his Lamborghini Tour, and in two recent performances — one in France and another in Madrid, Spain — he let Jay have it.

He led his crowd of fans to chants of “F*** Jay-Z” over and over, before calling him an “old ass n****” and referring him as “Gay-Z,” during the overseas performance.

“I know ya’ll been hearing about the controversy between me and Gay-Z right?” Game asked the crowd. “So look, I’mma start it off like this: f*** Jay-Z. That’s just how I feel. That’s how Pac felt, that’s how Nas felt at one time, and that’s how I feel. You know what I feel like? F*** Jay-Z.”

He then broke into an diss freestyle for Jay acapella, before spitting over his “D.O.A.” instrumental.