2009-07-06 - Lauren LondonYou’ve heard the rumors for months. Actress Lauren London is pregnant. However, where are the photos? The proof?

Well, Lauren confirmed rumors of her pregnancy over the 4th of July weekend, when she popped up at Diddy’s All-White Party in Beverly Hills showing off her baby bump.

So, it’s official, she’s definitely pregnant. Who is the daddy though? Rumors indicate Lil Wayne as the father, but nothing has been confirmed by either camp.

A source, however, told Bossip.com a few details regarding London’s baby — it’s a boy.

“She’s expecting a boy,” the source told the site. “She’s gained a little weight, but she’s basically just a stomach. She has a really pretty glow too. I spotted her at the salon.”

At press time, it was unclear how far along London is in her pregnancy, but according to reports in May, she around 6 or 7 months.

Stay tuned for updates.