Salute The Hip-Hop Vets Because They Bringin’ The Craft Back

I really hate being right. No, I actually don’t. I just enjoy marveling at the spectators who fancy in analyzing SoundScan as a source of credibility in hip-hop. A lot of people, or should I say internet geeks, worship SoundScan as if it was a Greek goddess with an immaculate p****. Anyone who uses SoundScan as a feasible source for judging quality, and lyricism should have their hip-hop card revoked ASAP. Correction, any artist who uses SoundScan as a feasible source for judging quality, and lyricism should literally one themselves, and give their contracts to people named Young Jimmy, or MC Wally.

As of now, SoundScan lacks any essential relevance in hip-hop. It’s slowly becoming more about the music. Wait — lets re-evaluate that statement just to make sure. It’s slowly becoming more about the music? And, guess who decided to reinvent the wheel folks?

The veterans: the ones who before entrapped themselves with scintillating lyrics before succumbing to the plush and gaudy jewels. The ones who engulfed themselves in passionate anthems– not the cotton candy we squirm and cringe to rather than digest.

You know, before this past month, I really did lose hope in these guys. I really did lose faith in these dogs like Mike Vick. Then Jay came.

Jay-Z“This isn’t a hit record. This is assault with a deadly weapon.”

Jay-Z – “D.O.A.”

With auto-tune blaring through our speakers on the regular, one person decided to voice his anguish on the voice vocoder. Jay simply berated the abusers of auto-tune in “D.O.A.” One record, literally one record, seized the game. He took the nuts of auto-tune, placed it in a vice grip, crushed it, and then fed it to the DJ Webstars, and Ron Browz of the world. We all were waiting for this type record from someone. We all needed someone to hush the parodies of these so-called hit records. Why not Hov? Just when I thought Blueprint 3 had a slim chance of seeing light, not only did God provide a glimpse of what to expect, he damn near blew the door open with that track. Just the grit, the disgust, and the carnivorous bars placed a smile on every rap fans face.

Thanks Hov.

50 Cent“Hit em in his fitted cap, he won’t get a chance to Twitter that.”

50 Cent – “I Line N****z”

I want you guys to guess who came up with this. Sounds like Fab right? Nope. Sounds like Banks right? Nope. It was boo boo — Yeah Curtissssss. Just when you thought Curtis was finished, and drowned in the commercial wasteland, he decided to swim out, and revert back to Power of a Dollar form. Lyrically, 50 is at his peak right now. He’s hungry. 50 has even admitted to throwing away the commercial swag, and bringing the hood back. I bet everyone is wondering what proof do I have. Listen to 50’s War Angel LP. Even I was skeptical, until he made me a believer with his latest endeavor. 50 even went as far as to tap the abusers of auto-tune, a la Hov, by saying “Goons don’t use auto-tune, JUST YEEZY.” Damn.

“Part Manson, part hannibal, part mechincal / Sharp throwing animal parts at Scarlet Johansson.”

EminemEminem – “Alchemist Freestyle”

I know I’m late, but yes, I’m adding Em on this list of veterans who are back on their bullsh**. With his newest album, Relapse, it’s safe to say Marshal Mathers is home. Still, I’ll admit, I needed some reassurance from the man Vibe dubbed as the best rapper alive. Then one night, I was watching WorldStarHipHop, and the believable happened. Em decimated his freestyles on the Tim Westwood, as Alchemist allied ooped him several beats. All it took as a smooth lob, and several head nods from Westwood for Em to throw it down. For the nerve of Irv Gotti to question Em’s skills and place as the best rapper alive. The double entendres were probably too much for Irv to comprehend. I understand. I understand.

Just when you thought the veterans were going to bow down and let the new school babies takeover, these three have decided to stick around for awhile make the summer one to remember.


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