The Game Apologizes To 50 Cent, G-Unit, Interscope, Others

The GameAfter all the diss tracks, entire mixtapes aimed at his foe, and his infamous G-Unot campaign, The Game is apologizing to 50 Cent … for a whole lot of reasons.

During an interview with MTV for their Mixtape Daily segment, the Compton rapper explained that his long-running beef with 50 Cent is done, caput, and he doesn’t plan to ever jump back on it.

“I’m just now rebounding from the whole beef with G-Unit, 50 and all of that,” the Game said. “Say if the beef with G-Unit was an airplane, I just landed. I just got off that plane. I didn’t even get my bag out the baggage claim. I walked away, I left the bags, man.”

He goes on to apologize, not just to Fiddy, but to everyone under the Interscope umbrella who’s feathers got ruffled during the two rap stars’ feud.

At least, that’s how he felt this day.

“This is probably the first and last time ya’ll gonna hear me say this. For 50, I’m just gonna apologize to him, just as a man,” Game told MTV. “It has nothing to do with music, or beef, or nothing like that. It ain’t about being the bigger man. He can take it and say, ‘Game is apologizing,’ ‘Game’s a sucka, he’s apologizing.’ I’m apologizing for me to him, to [Dr.] Dre, to Jimmy Iovine, to Eminem, to our fans. Because if you think about what Interscope was when we were gellin’, man we were it. We were an unstoppable force.”

According to the rapper, looking back, he feels that the entire G-Unit/Aftermath/Shady umbrella could of gone on forever, had his and 50’s ego not gotten in the way of things. When things were done as a family, Game said that equaled the best music from not only him, but 50 as well.

“Me and Fif’s chemistry is what Method Man was to Redman when they get in,” Game explained. “Red ain’t from Wu-Tang, but you know when Meth gets wit’ Redman it’s goin’ down … [Me and 50’s] biggest records were together. Whether I was on them or I wasn’t on them. Whether he was on them or he wasn’t on them. When we were in gellin’ writing together as a family, we had it man. If we never would have [broken] up, I think Detox would have been out and we all would have been selling millions from Banks to Buck, and Tony Yayo. I’m going to apologize for my role.”

For fans who follow The Game, he’s never publicly apologized to 50 Cent, but he has said the beef is over on more than a few occasions. We’ll see how long this peace treaty lasts.

On the music side of things, The Game is currently in the lab recording new music for his next LP, the R.E.D. Album.

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