LA Symphony member CookBook is addicted to everything 80s, as you can tell by his latest solo project, aptly titled I Love The 80s (in stores now btw).

2009-07-02 - Cookbook

Since he loves the era of bright colored clothes and “Knight Rider” so much, we asked him to give us a run down his top 10 favorite things from the 80s and why he loves them so.

Here’s his list, and oh do they bring back memories:

10. Nintendo: Dude, OG Nintendo was the best when we were kids! Many, many hours were spent trying to save the princess while stompin’ out turtles and killer mushrooms! Super Mario Bros was a hit!!!! Excite Bike, Duck Hunt, Ghosts N’ Goblins … and of course, who could forget about MIKE TYSON’S PUNCH OUT!!!! So many games … so little time!!

9. Pop/New Wave music: Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, the B-52’s, etc, etc … and the kings of them all the Fab 5, Duran Duran! I love the synths, the funky pop beats, and the experimentation that pop music had going on during the 80s! I mean, when else could you have a song about a “Rock Lobster” be a pop hit?!? Not nowadays!!!

8. Cartoons: The 80s was when it was worth it to wake up early on a Saturday morning, ’cause you knew you’d have the bomb cartoons to choose from! Even before and after school cartoons were hittin!!!! I loved Spiderman and his amazing friends, Robotech, Voltron, and so many more!!! But my all-time favorite cartoon of the 80s and probably all time period … The Thundercats!!! Panthro, stand up!!!!! Hands down, the hardest cartoon ever to me!!! Loved the art, and the characters.

7. Jordan 1’s: Still the greatest Nike ever! Any time period … these are fresh! I used to get these when I was a little kid from Copeland’s Sports. Sometimes they would have these sales where they were like two pairs for 60 bucks, or something ridiculous like that, and my mom would get me two pairs! I can’t believe how I trashed them!!! Wouldn’t have fit me now anyways … oh well…

2009-07-02 - Cookbook6. Samantha Micelli: Do I even need to explain this one?!? Allyssa Milano … ’nuff said!

5. Weird Science: Most definitely my absolute, undisputed favorite teen movie of all time! Anthony Michael Hall bodied this movie! I saw this one on VHS; never in the movies. Me and my dad have quotes for days from this one: “Fats mayne, lemmie tell you my story, mayne…” From beginning to end, this is got 80s classic written all over it! Thank you, John Hughes. Thank you for this, and all your teen angst movies.

4. My toys: GI Joe, Transformers, Star Wars were my joints! I was the weirdest little kid with my toys! I kept all the packages, and although I played with them, I kept them in mint condition. I mean what 6-year-old do you know like that?!? I would get so mad when family would come over, and my parents would make me share my toys with my cousins!! If any of my stuff got damaged, those bastards did it!

3. The Search For Animal Chin: The 80s pretty much birthed skate videos, and none were greater than “Animal Chin.” This was the first skate video that had a storyline to it, and the skaters were actually acting (poorly, but we loved it that way!) It was such a great thing to be a kid, and see these dudes who you thought were amazing, going on this adventure, and you felt like it could be you and your friends hangin’ out! I watched this movie at least 1,000 times!

2. Return of the Jedi: I was a Star Wars fanatic since birth! This is my favorite movie of the three, because it has my favorite scene. The whole “save Han from Jabba the Hutt” part is the greatest moments in all three movies to me! I love it ’cause Luke is such a G in that part! He was runnin’ thangs!

1. Skateboarding: Skating had such a huge impact on my life! I started skating in the late 80s, and I can honestly say, it kept me from doing a lot of bad stuff. It literally kept me from joining a gang! We were all hood skaters — blacks and Latinos skating in L.A. It was the time of my life! I started skating in the late 80s, and skated solid for 5-6 years, then on and off all the way till the early 2000s when two (not one but two) broken legs took me out of the game! To this day, I still love skating. I love watching skating, I love the culture, and I love how it quickly mixed well with hip-hop culture. Especially where I was from. My friend was a DJ at like age 10! We’d go skating all day, then go back to his house, and he would spin, and we would hear all the greats at his crib. I heard De La, PE, Biz, BDK … a lot of em for the first time from my skater/DJ friend. So to me, skating and hip-hop go hand in hand in making me who I am today. Ahh, the good ole days!

CookBook’s “I Love The 80s” is in stores now. For more info, visit him on Myspace at