2009-07-01 - Tiny and ToyaTwo girls, known as the significant others of rappers T.I. and Lil Wayne, have both landed a reality show on BET, which began Tuesday night (June 30). Those two girls are Tiny and Toya.

Tiny (real name: Tameka Cottle) was a member of the multi-platinum R&B female group, Xscape. But in present day, she’s best known as the fiance of rapper T.I.

Toya (real name: Antonia Carter) is Weezy’s high school sweetheart who birthed the rapper’s first child, daughter Reginae Carter. They eventually married, but divorced two years later.

T.I.’s girl, 33, is attempting to jump start her career while taking care of a house full of kids and dealing with T.I. serving time in an Arkansas prison. Toya, on the other hand, is trying to get her life back on track after a tumultuous divorce from Lil Wayne.

According to the Associated Press, the two women are best friends, who both relate to parenting alongside two of hip-hop’s biggest stars. Now, they share their own reality show on BET called “Tiny & Toya”.

The show will consist of eight half-hour episodes, which will delve into the personal lives of both Cottle and Carter, who are both seeking to define themselves professionally as individuals outside of their high-profile relationships.

“We’re trying to create our own identity,” Toya told the AP. “We’re letting people know what we’re really all about. We’re trying to get our businesses up and running and just having fun — the way we live life for ourselves.”

Tiny is trying to work behind the scenes of the music biz, sliding into the management role, as she guides three different all-girl singing groups. One of the groups includes her daughter and Carter’s daughter. She is also attempting to open her own nail salon, located in suburban Atlanta.

During one episode, it shows the morning T.I. reported to prison to being serving his sentence. She reveals that she speaks to her rapper husband several times each day and has already visited him — without their children.

Toya is working on her own projects as well. The 24-year-old will get a book published about her life experiences as a single mother, as well as attempt to launch a bedtime clothing line for young girls. Additionally, she has a drug addict mother she has to deal with.

“This is therapy for me,” she says of the show. “I’m talking about things and correcting problems that affected my life. I’m able to talk to family members about things that bothered me. Getting stuff out I’ve held in for a longtime.”

Toya and Lil Wayne both grew up in New Orleans and became became high school sweethearts. She eventually got pregnant and gave birth to his first child at the age of 15. Then, in 2005 the couple married. However, when Weezy’s career took off, their relationship suffered and they eventually divorced due to his infidelity, she claims.

“I grew up with him when he didn’t have none of this stuff, this fame,” Toya explains. “And now you get on this high horse and it’s like you look down at this person ain’t good enough for you anymore. It’s a lot to deal with, but it’s something I’ve been going through.”

Lil Wayne doesn’t appear on the show, but his representative told the AP he’s supportive.