Michael JacksonDetails regarding refunds of Michael Jackson’s canceled 50-night “This is It” concert extravaganza were released Monday (June 29), and here’s the info.

More than 750,000 fans can get full refunds for the purchase of their tickets, or can opt to receive souvenir tickets stubs instead. The tickets feature lenticular images, which give them a 3D moving effect. Many believe these will be sought-after items for Jackson collectors.

Fans paid anywhere from $82 to $124 for a ticket, and holding vouchers for the now-priceless tickets. So, AEG Live are offering to send out the ticket stubs, or give fans a full refund.

Images of the tickets, complete with a 3D effect, can be viewed on MichaelJacksonLive.com beginning Wednesday (July 1), but fans only have until August 14 to take the ticket offer.

Fans spent more than $90 million on tickets, though some went for hundreds of dollars on Internet auction sites.

AEG Live are counting on die-hard Michael fans to want to hold onto their tickets — to cash in later should they become collector’s items. Many did just that after Elvis Presley died in 1977 — in an attempt to recoup some of its losses from the ill-fated tour.

According to what some people have told the Associated Press, at least some are planning to keep their tickets.

When Michael passed last week, AEG Live was left with a huge debt. In addition to nearly $90 million in ticket sales that need to be refunded, the company had already paid the pop star millions and spent millions more getting ready for the planned July 13 premiere.