In anticipation of his upcoming full-length album debut, Attention Deficit, Wale and Zune have produced a limited edition Zune media player — in blue and red. has received one of these custom Zune Wale-etched Zune 8gb devices, not be available for purchase anywhere, and will be giving it away to one of our visitors.

2009-06-30 - Wale Zune contest

So, here’s your chance to win.

Additionally, Wale and Zune have created a special “On The Road” series of up-close & personal video podcasts. There is a total of 10 episodes, which are available for free download through the Zune Marketplace, which fans can subscribe to the podcast series for automatic downloads during syncs.

They are also curating his own Guestlist on the Zune Marketplace, which features tracks hand-picked by Wale that include his own “Chillin” featuring Lady Gaga, as well as personal favorites from Jay-Z, Pharrell, Kid Cudi, and long time friend and collaborator Mark Ronson.

Below are links to Wale content via the Zune Marketplace:

– Full podcast series free:
– View the Attention Deficit Tour Video Podcast:
– Wale’s Artist page and Guestlist:

To enter for a chance to win a custom Wale Zune, fill out the form below (completely):

Sorry, this contest has ended …