2009-06-29 - Michael JacksonWhen tickets for the last set of Michael Jackson shows went on sale in London, they sold out quickly. 750,000 people bought tickets for the 50-night “This is It” concert stint. $85 million worth.

Now, those fans are awaiting their refunds. While they’ll never get to experience those final shows, they just might be able to witness, via DVD, what those shows would’ve been like.

According to reports, the promoters, AEG Live, behind the “This Is It” Michael concerts recorded enough material of Jackson’s rehearsals that they will be able to release at least one live CD/DVD.

TheWrap.com reports that the uber-popular pop star’s final rehearsal was recorded just Wednesday (June 24) at Los Angeles’ Staples Center on Wednesday in multi-camera, high-definition video and multi-track audio.

That  footage is now being considered as possibly Jackson’s final album, which would be bundled with a DVD portion as well. The recordings were made as part of a deal cut by AEG Live with Jackson, which included plans to produce a live album and DVD of the singer performing his greatest hits.

If those reports are true, the footage and recordings would help AEG Live recoup some of the estimated tens of millions of dollars it is expected to lose as a result of Jackson’s untimely death.

The final rehearsal reportedly included dancers, musicians and aerial performers, as well as Jackson suspended from a crane at one point and a 3-D view of a “Thriller”-inspired haunted mansion.

“He was trying, and succeeding, in structuring the biggest, most spectacular live production ever seen,” Johnny Caswell, co-owner of CenterStaging, told USA Today. The company was helping Jackson polish his show from late March to early June before shifting rehearsals to larger venues.

2009-06-29 - Michael Jackson“By the time he left my facility, he had graduated through several studios and was on a soundstage taking up 10,000 square feet,” Caswell continued. “They moved to The Forum, outgrew that and needed the height at Staples. The show was getting so damn big, they couldn’t finish it in time. That’s why they had to delay.”

Those who saw the rehearsals say Michael was on point, performance-wise and would’ve reminded fans of the vintage Michael from his music videos throughout his career.

Ed Alonzo, the “Misfit of Magic” who created illusions for Britney Spears’ Circus tour and joined Jackson’s show six weeks ago told USA Today: “It was an amazing show. The thing was just days away from being perfected. It was incredible. Even though it was just a walk-through with the dancers, his moves were dead-on — the same Michael Jackson we (saw) through the years in music videos.”

There’s no word, currently, of when fans can expect this release. Stay tuned…