2009-06-26 - Perez Hilton and Michael JacksonEveryone was shocked Thursday (June 25) when news of Michael Jackson’s heart attack was reported, followed by reports of his death.

While some were sadden, others were outraged when blogger Perez Hilton posted an entry on his website, claiming Jackson’s hospital admission was fake, so the King of Pop could bail on concert commitments.

However, upon learning the heart attack was very much real and that MJ had died hours later, Hilton edited his post, removing the insensitive comments.

But, the damage was done though. A trending topic appeared on Twitter called #unfollowperezz, where users unfollowed his account and expressed his distaste for his comments.

Rocker Pete Wentz blasted Hilton as well, and the two exchanged words numerous times throughout the day over the blogger’s insensitivity.

Comedienne Sarah Silverman tweeted an ill-timed joke about MJ’s death as well: “Did you hear Michael Jackson’s kids are free? That’s not nice. I’m sorry. Ugh, I feel bad for saying that. LOOK A BLUE CAR!”

Being the hypocrite he is, Hilton immediately chastised her: “I love you, but that’s low!”

Support the Twitter movement: #unfollowperez