Evander HolyfieldIs former heavyweight champ, Evander Holyfield, going through some hard times right now?

According to a recent report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Holyfield’s Fayette County, Georgia home is in danger of going into foreclosure for the second time this year.

A lien holder is demanding full repayment of the original $10 million loan, with an auction scheduled for July 7 on the Fayette County Courthouse steps.

At press time, Holyfield’s camp were unavailable for comment.

The boxer’s estate is a 109-room mansion, complete with a Olympic sized swimming pool, a bowling alley and movie theater — all sitting on a whopping 235 acres.

Last June, a foreclosure notice was issued, but Holyfield was able to strike a deal to keep the home, and later addressed financial trouble rumors, claiming he wasn’t “broke. I’m just not liquid.”

The estate is said to cost more than $1 million a year just to maintain. Holyfield doesn’t want to let it go through.

“To attack that house in any way, or suggest he get rid of it … that’s just not going to fly with him,” Holyfield’s former accountant Sam Gainer told the paper. “That’s his trophy, his symbol of success.”

The 46-year-old boxer also has a second Fayette property under foreclosure, with an original loan amount of $216,000.

During his boxing career, Holyfield grossed more than $248 million. But, after two divorces, several failed business ventures and child support payments (believed to total $500,000 annually), his fortune has taken a beating.

He hasn’t fought since December, when he lost to WBA champion Nikolai Valuev in Switzerland. However, his last big boxing payday was back in 2003, when he received $5 million to fight James Toney.