Scott Storch Inks Deal For His Own Reality Show

Scott StorchSuperproducer Scott Storch — who has been coping with a drug addiction and financial problems over the past year — has recently signed a deal to star in his own reality series.

He has entered into a deal with GenX and Bunin/Murray for a show that, according to a press release, will give an “introspective look into the life” of Storch, documenting his process of making hit records, as well as working with up-and-comers in his home of Miami.

“This is a monumental moment to see a producer of his caliber let the cameras into his world and see how hit records are made,” said David Weintraub, one of the show’s executive producers. “A lot of people have tried to get Scott to open up the curtain to this process, but have never been successful.”

“The opportunity to collaborate with such a reputable production company marks the beginning for GenX to establish itself in the reality television industry. This venture will provide a platform for Scott to show the audience the process of developing great talent,” added GenX’s President Derek Jackson.

At press time, further details regarding the show were unknown, including what network it would premiere on and its title.

Bunim/Murray Productions is credited with single handedly creating the reality show genre of television. They are responsible for hit shows like “The Real World,” the longest running reality series in TV history, and “Road Rules,” as well as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and has recently taken over production on “Project Runway.”

  1. I Hate Reality shows they are a waist of time. all they do is be fake with one to a another.

  2. I hope they include a section on the latest studio recording gear. Dude is serious with the hits, and if it’s really about that process and about Storch as a young producer I’ll check that ish out

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