2009-06-24 - Rick Ross Rap-Up coverEveryone knows Rick Ross is a connoisseur of sunglasses, but he’s also really heavy into cars. In fact, he names his vehicles, and already owns ones named Oprah, Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan.

All of those are named after women, but his latest is named after a boy … a Soulja Boy that is.

In Rap-Up magazine’s new Summer 2009 issue, in which Ross shares the cover with Ciara, the Miami rapper explains why he named his new vehicle after teen rapper Soulja Boy.

“I got a new truck/motorcycle with one wheel in the front and three in the back,” he tells the mag. “It’s a custom bike and I called it Soulja Boy ’cause it’s a little soldier.”

He has plans for it as well. “I’mma put it in a couple car shows and bike shows. It’s new to the game and it’s a youngster, so it’s just something fun I do.”

While Ross loves his little soulja, he also has a lot of love for the rapper it’s named after, saying the 18-year-old superstar is role model for other young kids coming up.

“I got love for Soulja Boy and I want him to keep doing what he doing,” said Ross. “I hope a lot more of these young kids start producing and getting into different things other than going to the street.”

Check the rest of the story in Rap-Up’s Summer 2009 issue on newsstands now. For more info, visit Rap-Up.com.