Foxy Brown Got Star Treatment During Riker’s Island Stint

2009-06-22 - Foxy BrownIf you remember in late 2007, rapper Foxy Brown was jailed on an assault charge, stemming from an incident in 2004 when she allegedly attacked two nail-salon manicurists.

Upon her release in mid-2008, her manager released a statement claiming she (real name: Inga Marchand) “did [her time] under the worst conditions that you can do [time] under, at Riker’s Island.”

It turns out, that statement wasn’t entirely true.

A report by the NY Post this weekend said Brown actually got the star treatment while incarcerated, being allowed to rock Gucci sneakers and a Fendi scarf, as well as other benefits.

Not only was Brown allowed to do an interview and photoshoot for XXL magazine, but the paper went as far as to insinuate that prison officials acted as if they were a part of her entourage, catering to her every need.

“City prison officials acted like an entourage of fawning valets for rapper Foxy Brown when she was locked up on Rikers Island, hanging out in her cell, bringing meals and makeup, giving her unlimited TV and phone use, and toting her bags when she was released last April,” the paper’s report read.

The Post alleges that the prison’s top rabbi Leib Glanz, his boss Imam Umar Abdul-Jalil, played a key role in Brown’s star treatment, going to bat for her when she wanted something special.

“Umar would call the warden, and the warden at the time would comply,” one insider said.

“They were in her cell day and night,” a department supervisor added. “Whatever she wanted, Sister Aisha would talk to warden [Michelle] Mack and get it.”

Since the report, the New York Department of Corrections, released a statement, claiming Foxy’s treatment was “within normal guidelines.”

“Inmates were entitled to wear their own clothing. That’s her choice,” Correction spokesman Stephen Morello said.

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