Che Guevara was a Marxist leader who started a revolution in Cuba. Now his granddaughter is following in his footsteps, starting her own revolution … for vegetarians.

According to the Associated Press, Lydia Guevara posed semi-nude recently in a PETA campaign that tells viewers to “join the vegetarian revolution,” said PETA spokesman Michael McGraw.
2009-06-20 - Che Guevara

The 24-year-old will appear in a print campaign expected to debut in October in magazines and posters, launching first in Argentina — where Che Guevara was born — followed by campaigns across the globe.

She was approached by PETA in recent months after the organization found out she was a vegetarian.

In the ad, Lydia Guevara wears camouflage pants, a red beret, and bandoliers of baby carrots, reminiscent of her Che’s stylized image that has become a global symbol of counterculture.

“It very much evokes the tag line of the ad, which is ‘Join the vegetarian revolution,'” PETA spokesman Michael McGraw told the AP. “It’s an homage of sorts to her late grandfather.”

Lydia Guevara is the granddaughter of Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara, who helped Fidel Castro’s 26th of July Movement overthrow U.S.-backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in the 1950s. He was executed in Bolivia in 1967.