Tiger Woods On His Way To Becoming A Billionaire

Tiger WoodsThere’s no question pro-golfer Tiger Woods is a major success story, but did you ever think he’d be on his way to becoming a billionaire? We didn’t.

According to Forbes, the 32-year-old is on track to pass $1 billion in career earnings by 2010. However, becoming an actual billionaire will take slightly longer because that would mean he would have net worth of above $1 billion.

In the next few years, his earnings would make him the world’s first billionaire athlete. He turned pro in 1996.

In 2007, Forbes estimated that Woods pulled in nearly $115 million, $65 million more than athlete runner-up David Beckham.

The mag says he is expected to join the world’s billionaires list by 2011. The feat would be unprecedented. To date, there has been no athlete to build a billionaire fortune from actually playing sports.

To give you an example of the kind of money-making power Woods holds, check this out. When Nike signed Woods to an endorsement deal in 1996, it didn’t have a separate golf unit. Two years after inking a deal with the gold prodigy, it launched one in 1998, with Woods at the center of its marketing push. Last year, Nike Golf posted over $600 million in sales. It is now the biggest golf apparel company in the world.

“He built Nike Golf,” Scott Sanford, a senior director at the marketing company Davie Brown Talent, told Forbes. “When you show the best golfer in the world using certain balls, irons, apparel — viewers want to use the same equipment. No other athlete could have built up the brand at the rate he did.”

  1. You didn’t think he was on his way to becoming a billionaire? Really, because being the highest paid athlete every damn year never tipped you off?

  2. Now see people that’s what we like to call REAL Balling not that mediocre paper rapers see. Go Tiger and he does not rock stupid doofy chains lol.

  3. Damn, can he pass like half a mil over to me? Thats like pocket change to Tiger…



    SO I GUESS HE IS THE FIRST “cablinasian: Caucasian-black-Indian-Asian” BILLIONAIRE!!!!

  5. I am happy when a man as Tiger takes his talent, hones it, stays focused, creates a level apart in a crowded field, in his craft and his personality and personal life, each complementing the other; father and devoted son to his late father and mentor. A gentleman the human race should be equally proud of.

  6. Fuck dat Uncle Tom ass house nigga. He can shove his billion where da sun don’t shine.

  7. Well deserved. Noone thought that he would do what he has done, or be around in golf long. Tiger has proved everyone wrong, made his mother & father proud and most of all done it without be disrespectful or giving up on himself. That’s what every young child should strive to do. Again, well deserved.

  8. Just for putting a little hard ball into holes and he gets rewarded billion?? Come on folks, things are getting out of hand, TAX, TAX, TAX all multi-millionares 99%. Equal distribution of wealth.

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