Lala Vazquez Puts Pink Range Rover For Sale On eBay

2009-06-19 - Lala Range RoverLala Vazquez, the former MTV video hostess and wife of Denver Nuggets star Carmello Anthony, is selling her customized hot pink Range Rover on eBay.

The bidding started at $25,000, but as of press time, the high bid was $45,100, and ends on June 21st.

The celebrity wife says she’s selling the truck because she’s ready for a change, and wants someone else to enjoy it as much as she has.

“I’m selling the car because I had the most amazing and memorable times in it, but I want to switch it up,” Vazquez said in a video on the auction page. “I want to get something different and I want somebody else to enjoy the car the way I did and get all the attention in the world and be the coolest person in the world because nobody else has a hot pink Range Rover.”

The 2006 Range Rover has just 24,700, and boasts 22″ DUB wheels, custom suede upholstery, JL audio speakers, $10,000 STRUT grills, and all types of other bells and whistles.

2009-06-19 - Lala Range Rover

“Some of the money I get from selling the car, I’m giving to charity,” Vazquez said. “A charity that I’m aligned with is U.S. Doctors for Africa. What they do is send U.S. doctors to Africa to help with the causes in Africa and I’m on my way to becoming a global ambassador for them.”

According to the auction page, a portion of the sale price will benefit US Doctors for Africa, a humanitarian organization committed to increasing access to medical care for diseases and conditions affecting the people of Africa.

To check it out, or place a bid, goto

  1. for 45k, you can go buy your own used Range Rover and get it painted pink. You can get a strut grill from ebay, along with JL Audio speakers…….and come out cheaper.

  2. that is ugly and not cute. I can only see some MTV sweet 16 girl even wanting this but just for show not even to drive, too much

  3. I agree that car is ugly. Who wants to ride in a pink truck and be notice where ever you go. Can’t do no wrong.

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