Shaquille O’Neal Headed To MMA Next? Issues Challenge To Hong Man Choi

2009-06-18 - Shaq and Hong Man ChoiIs Shaquille O’Neal getting ready for another sports career once he retires from the NBA? MMA? UFC? Maybe.

In a video clip posted over at (run my instructor John Burke), the 7’1″ NBA center, fresh off a training session, issues a challenge to any would-be opponents in the world of MMA, specifically calling out one fighter.

“We don’t care about nobody. We’ll fight anybody. I’ll even fight him (pointing to a stand-up figure of Chuck Liddell), after I fight the big boy that knocked out Jose Canseco — Hong Man Choi,” Shaq says with a smile.

“I’m coming for you. Don’t worry about it. I’m retiring the next year, two years. I’m coming for you. I look like Jose to you? No,” Big Shaq continued.

Hong Man Choi is a Korean kickboxer and former ssireum wrestler, who currently competes in K-1, an MMA style sport combining an array of martial arts.

He fought retired baseball player Jose Canseco in an MMA match on May 26th for the promotion Dream, as part of its Super Hulk Tournament. He beat Canseco in 1 minute 15 seconds.

Choi weighs in at 330 lbs., and stands at 7’2″. In comparison, Shaq is 7’1″ and also weighs in at 330 lbs.

That would be one hell of a match-up? Who would win?

  1. Hong Man Choi isn’t that talented of a fighter, he’s just really BIG. But Shaq would give him problems because Shaq is really BIG and really athletic for a guy his size.

    Given that Shaq has been doing MMA training for what, a year or two now…in 2 years, he could probably be ready to fight in MMA against guys like Choi.

  2. i wanna see SHAQ use his pacman power to destroy sleeping giant china men… warrup 2 da bl00d$

  3. I wann’ c SHAQ use pacman power to destroy sleeping giant chinamen..

  4. if shaq can fight, im all for him. mma is not gonna be any less if shaq joins. remember ex-professional wrestler, brock lesnar is heavy weight champion.

  5. No doubt in my mind that Shaq wud get his ass handed 2 him. He don’t come across as someone wit serious knuckle game.

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