KelisIf you’ve been keeping up with the court battle between Nas and Kelis, you know that Kelis is seeking spousal support from her soon-to-be-ex hubby, but Nas is asking for an action to deny her request.

The two are going through a divorce, and neither side wants to budge, when it comes to settling.

More details were revealed recently. In a new court filing, 29-year-old Kelis detailed her support request, saying Nas should pay for thousands of dollars in baby supplies, as well as cover her monthly expenses.

According to TMZ, Kelis claims to spend $14,861 on her home mortgage, has nanny costs of $3,500 a month, and spends $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacations.

She wants Nas to pay $20,000 a month in child support to cover her costs — consisting of a baby nurse, a nanny, and other staff, as well as strollers, cribs and other baby supplies for homes in Los Angeles and New York.

From 11/08 to 4/09, Kelis says she averaged a monthly income of around $21,616. However, her monthly expenses are around $80,831 a month, exceeding her individual income, and she needs Nas to cover them.

Kelis — who is due to give birth in July to their first child together — also hasn’t been able to tour in nearly a year, which is where most of her income comes from.

The couple was married in July 2003, and Kelis filed for divorce in May.