Twitter, twitter, twitter. Where else can you keep up with a celebrity’s every move? Once again, here we are with some our favorite tweets since last week.

Amber Rose loves her some Nicki Minaj, K’Naan says that Twitter is proof recording artists are very lonely, T-Pain has a message for all his haters, Cypress Hill’s B-Real thinks Kobe Bryant should record a song, Travis Barker is in the studio, and more.

Here’s your Twitter updates:

Twitter - Amber RoseAmber Rose (Kanye’s ex) @DaRealAmberRoseYOOOO!!!!! @nickiminaj is fuckin stunning in person I couldn’t stop staring at her!!!! I would sooooo DO her. F*** it I can’t even lie!!!!

K’Naan @IAmKnaanI think twitter is proof, that all artists are, above all other things, lonely.

Lil Cease @LilCeaseCome yall!! Holla if u wanna get n shape…see my work here..its hardbody yall!!! I’m still n here..let’s go!!!

Twitter - Travis BarkerTravis Barker @trvsbrkrWorking on a Shwayze remix. Sounding CRAZY.

DJ K-Sly @DJKSlyAin’t that the truth! “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Mark Twain

Soulja Boy Tell’em @SouljaBoyTellEmMy Lambo is finally finished getting painted!!! Who want’s to see pictures!!!!?????!

Tila Tequila @OfficialTilaOhhhweeee! we all about to head to “MY HOUSE” and get crunk over there! partyyy time! Look for me in the red lambo! hot!

N.O.R.E. @NoreagaSpoke 2 chris Lighty I love that guy i’ve always been violator for 10 years but when we work closely 2gether we never lose!!!

Twitter - Stevie WilliamsStevie Williams (Pro-Skater) @DGKStevieall dgkstevie 2152407321

later: Birdman-Always strapped remix ft (lil Wayne,RIckRoss,jezzy) Dirty Ghetto Kids hat on lil Wayne the whole hook! DGK ALL DAY! YouTube it f***s

Dawn Richard @DawnRichardbeen in the studio two days straight…recovering ..but still tired..back in locked in

OJ Da Juiceman @OjDaJuiceman32What it dew at da Yo twitt world aye aye ok ok well damn aye aye ok ok damn

Twitter - T-PainT-Pain @DaRealerstTPainI guess I CAN still make money no matter what you tweet about me. LOL die slow haters but have kids first so they grow to nothin as well


Yung Berg @TheRealYungBergJus bought a super nintendo bout 2 play mario!! And I got the regular nintendo wit double dribble headed 2 festyville

Twitter - B-RealB-Real @B_Real420La lakers NBA champs!!! Once again !! Kobe can make a song called “tell me how my balls taste” hahaha

Fabolous @MyFabolousLifeAt Medieval Times.. Anybody ever been? My ghetto ass sis tapin the show on her cel phone.. LoL.. Shows starting! Peace my twiggas!!

Swizz Beatz @TheRealSwizzIs MYSPACE over?