Terry KennedySkater Terry Kennedy (TK) and Bow Wow have been beefing for some time now, exchanging words via Twitter, viral video, and in interviews.

The tension comes from both men being previously involved with Rev. Run’s daughter, Angela Simmons, either over jealousy, or one hating on the other.

According to T.K., their beef is over for now, sort of.

In an interview with Broccoli City TV, T.K. revealed how their beef started and came to an end, explaining that Bow Wow eventually backed down.

“I pressed the n****, f*** him or whatever. I said when I see you, I was gonna do something to you. That n**** got my phone number, called me and tried to apologize to PC it up,” the skater/rapper explained.

“The n**** was like ‘Oh n****, I didn’t say nothing.’ He was on ‘106 & Park’ talking like he didn’t say the sh**. ”

T.K. says that young Bow Wow went around asking several other rappers their feelings about him. After doing his homework, he realized he didn’t want it with the professional skateboarder from Long Beach, California.

“I never known the n****. He was trying to go around and get information from other n****s to see what type of n**** I was,” T.K. explained. “I guess everytime he’d bump into somebody and ask them about me, they’d give him the history on me. After that, he ended up trying to call me saying ‘I ain’t got nothing against you, it’s all love.’ I hate to tackle the situation, but he’s a coward.”

So, there you have it. The beef’s over … sort of.

“We cool. He’s a coward,” he continued.

T.K. is not only a professional skater, but also an aspiring rapper. He has formed a group called Fly Society, and has recently several street tracks/videos, which can be found online with a simple Google search.