2009-06-12 - 50 CentHis long-awaited Before I Self-Destruct album isn’t due to September, but you know how 50 Cent does it. He likes to feed the streets until his project comes.

The hip-hop mogul is preparing a brand new, all-new material project called the War Angel LP, and will be dropping it exclusively through his ThisIs50.com website next Tuesday (June 16).

“I’m finnin’ to get on the street, you already know what time it is,” Fiddy told MTV’s Mixtape Daily.

The tagline for the project is “Prepare for Total Destruction.”

“You know what it is, it’s a conflict,” he explains. “The exact opposite. I didn’t want to write Angel Demon. It’s not the contrast between good and bad. But … if someone’s at war, I’m sure they’re saying their prayers. They believe they have angels around them. What would you call an angel around a soldier at war?”

The new project is not a mixtape, per say, which is why 50 added the “LP” to the title. He tells MTV that his “core audience will understand it immediately”.

The War Angel LP will consist of 10 new tracks, including the single 50 leaked weeks ago, “Ok, Alright.” He plans to follow with two more tapes in the coming weeks, including Sincerely Southside Part 2 on the 4th of July.

50 Cent isn’t the only rapper gear up to flood the streets with mixtapes, his nemesis The Game is planning a slew of mixtape material as well.

While in Los Angeles working on his next project, The R.E.D. Album, the rapper revealed that during the summer, he plans to hit the streets with mixtape after mixtape until his upcoming album drops.

In fact, he says he’s going to drop a new mixtape every week — so many nobody will be able to compete with him.

“This summer, it ain’t a n**** that’s gonna out-mixtape me,” Game promised MTV. “I’m dropping a mixtape every week. It ain’t gonna be like no bullsh** mixtape sh**. I’m dropping mixtapes that sound better than people’s albums. The first one is gonna be the Bloody Thumb with the red thumbprint on the front.”