Twitter is crazy. Where else do some of your favorite celebs keep you updated, step-by-step through the day, on what they are doing. If you’re like us, you’re busy and can’t be glued to Twitter to see what everybody is doing. So, we’ve compiled some of the best tweets over the past few days, you may have missed.

Soujla Boy invites everyone to a party at his crib, Everlast is doing it big in the Middle East, Nas takes over Alchemist’s Twitter page, DJ AM lands spot on upcoming DJ Hero video game, Tyrese heads to Rome, and Kim Kardashian interviews Jennfer Love Hewitt.

Here’s your Twitter updates:

Twitter - Soulja BoySoulja Boy Tell’EmWanna come to my party 2nite, u in ATL? RSVP –

Later – #DeathTo all you pussy niggaz saying Soulja Boy ain’t Hip-Hop and ain’t getting money, Die a slow death you f***ing maggots! :)

Kid Cudioh yaaay, some rapper says me and kanye stole “make her say” idea from him. this is why i dont listen to or take demos, bogus man.

Twitter - EverlastEverlastAt camp Arifjan in Kuwait spending the night 3:30 am C130 flight to central Iraq … Rockin the Casbah !!!

AlchemistThis is NAS hijacking ALCHEMIST’S twitter..This Is real time listening to ALCHEMIST’S new album. it’s crazy. we sippin louis13 & cuban cigs!

DJ Skeeman there is some wack ass music videos out right now. wheres the creativity and execution??

Twitter - WaleWalehiphop is my life..but there is waay more to life then hiphop…so if I wasn’t rappin (awesomely I might what would I be doin? … drug dealing music and sports are the most unreliable jobs to have..”here today gone tommorow” im just grateful im here


DJ AMIts official tweeples! I am a DJ Hero and it comes out October 27th. Follow the game @djhero and get ready to try and beat me (pause)

Twitter - Kim KardashianKim KardashianI just interviewed Jennifer Love Hewitt! She is sooo pretty! She promised to go running w me tomorrow! Love LOVE!

Rampage (UFC fighter)This new job is killing my video game time! What should I do?

Sean KingstonJust Got Up!! Aww Man Im Still Tired LOL…..Gotta Go Up 2 MTV 2day Then Rehersal 4 Tha “SO U Think U Can Dance” SHOW lol AWW 1More Hour plz

Twitter - Amber RoseAmber Rose (Kanye’s girlfriend)@NICKIMINAJ Ur a bad bitch Nicki keep doin ya thing mama!!!

FabolousWhat the f***?? I’m hearing someone in JD’s camp is leaking my songs!! “Aint nothin So So, i thought i knew JD well ?? “

TyreseMy 14 hour flight to Rome is about to take off.. Pray for me.. I Loooooveeeeee yooouuuu!..

Twitter - Ben BallerBen Baller (jeweler)Realtalk: If ur old enuf to talk sh**, ur old enuf to get ur ass beat. F*** age or size. Aint no such thing as a fair fight. Life aint fair

Bow Wowwatchin dr.phil! they talkin bout video gms and how they r violent and how sum r bad for our children of today! watever man! lol