DJ Do It AllIn today’s oversaturated DJ market, there are few that stand out amongst countless others. Some give up, some get a taste of the spotlight, and a select few get the shine that they worked so hard to obtain.

DJ Do It All hails from Las Vegas and easily sets himself apart from other DJs. His unorthodox approach to entertainment has led him to his current platform — a 2d to 4d show that incorporates many different elements. No longer is he just doing clubs and special events, but he puts on a live show unlike anyone else in his market.

“I am not just a DJ who is in a club, behind some turntables in a corner, what I do is for a stage. What I do is going to be remembered,” he exclaims.

After a 3 1/2 year stint as R&B singer Donell Jones’ DJ on the road, DJ Do It All decided it was his time to create his own lane. He is now launching one of the most promising stage shows known in the DJ market, 2D to 4D. It incorporates elements such as DJ-ing, live instrumentation, break dancing, and video editing simultaneously, something not found at many venues not to mention other DJs.

“Kid Capri and Funkmaster Flex do their thing, but you won’t see them hanging upside down on a turntable,” he explained.

While most DJs do the bare minimum for the crowd they are mixing for, Do It All makes sure his talents shine through the dark and foggy clubs. “I’m a DJ who is actually looked at as an artist … I’m my own band with my own band, MYSELF!”

His 2D to 4D stage show blends audio mixing and live instrumentation while video editing accompanies the sound. If DJ Do It All is mixing a Lil Wayne record, he can also cue up a few visuals of the rapper, whether it be of his live performances or the actual video of the song being played.

This array of entertainment is also coupled with his live drummer who jams out to whatever is being thrown into the mix. “I wanted to showcase everything that I do … either playing the keys or guitar while I am DJing”. The tangible 4th dimension aspect of the show comes from the DJ’s dance numbers that ranges from a freestyle break dancing session, or a choreographed set that will leave the crowd in awe.

Being the son of an musician and having an older brother who was also a DJ, provided a much needed foundation that Do It All needed to succeed. Playing classical piano didn’t hurt his career either, and learning how to break-dance at the early age of five, gave him an edge over his future competitors.

His personal principles are quite interesting as well. DJ Do It All says that he does not consume alcohol or use drugs. “It’s easy for me to stay away from it, but I’m so busy that me going out is me working.”

With his energetic personality and continued commitment to his craft, every crowd he plays for is sure to be entertained. Additionally, Do It All is currently broadcasting a live interactive show where his audience can enjoy his blend of in-your-face entertainment can be found at